Amber Heard Before and After Plastic Surgery

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A lot of Hollywood actors and actresses have had plastic surgery. Amber Heard is a 36-year-old actor, activist, and model. If Amber Heard possesses the “perfect face” that she has been praised for, has she had plastic surgery?

An analysis of facial traits using scientific mapping software determined that Amber Heard had the “most beautiful face in the world,” despite the fact that she has never publicly discussed plastic surgery or non-invasive procedures like Botox or fillers. To know more about Amber Heard Before and After Plastic Surgery keep reading.

Eyelid aesthetic surgery

As time went by, say, in 2016, additional cosmetic surgery was undertaken, this time to the area around the eyes. His eyelids had seemingly risen and spread out. The arch of his brow, though, was also heightened. Eyebrow raising and eyelid aesthetic surgery are two further examples of similar procedures.

She might have had eyelid surgery. When you get this procedure done, excess skin from your eyelids will be removed, making your eyes look bigger.

Nose job

Her nose has been thinned, therefore I think she’s had a rhinoplasty,” says Dr. Youn. It seems like Amber’s nose bridge has thinned. One of the face procedures performed on Amber Heard is the reduction of the size of her nose, which can be noticed in comparison to the early years of her career.

She has also undergone rhinoplasty, a type of facial surgery, for cosmetic purposes. Because the tip of her nose is somewhat enlarged, she appears to have a much larger nose than she actually does.

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Amber Heard nose is noticeably smaller and more upturned now that she is older, therefore it’s safe to assume that she has undergone a rhinoplasty.

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Lip fillers

Dr. Youn concludes from a comparison of Amber’s before and after lip photographs that she may have used hyaluronic acid fillers to increase the contour and fullness of her lips.

A decade ago, her upper lip was more slender than it is now. She’s obviously had lip filler injections, because the lip doesn’t naturally look like that,” he added.

Chin implant

The doctor continued, “Her cheeks also look odd, they’re shaped a bit differently. Amber’s cheeks are bigger and more defined, which has led some experts to speculate that she may have had implants. Dr. Youn notes that she seems to have had her chin altered, suggesting that she may have a chin implant as well.

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