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For the coronavirus, you can find here information on how to get vaccinated, how to self-diagnose, and more (Covid-19). At, you can find out more about how the Greek government is dealing with the new coronavirus.


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How To Change Device @ Allazosiskevi .Gov Gr

The “Recycle-Change Device” programme lets natural people apply for money to replace old electrical appliances with new ones that are better for the environment and use less energy.

  • To have filed an income tax return (E1) for the tax year 2020 and had it approved.
  • 2020 was the year that your second family member and all of your children who lived with you moved to Greece.


What Is The Procedure To Change Device In Allazosiskevi .Gov Gr


The applicant can fill out a single application for each house (primary residence or vacation home) and list which three (3) old pieces of electrical equipment they want to replace. There are two (2) “Air conditioners,” one (1) “fridge,” and one (1) “freezer.”

  1. You are on the list of people who will get help through the programme. Coupons from the programme can be used to buy new equipment and pay for part of the grant. If someone says no, you can object.
  2. You can only buy the thing from stores that are taking part.
  3. You can recycle your old gadget by taking it to a dealer who is taking part.
  4. You need your Taxisnet credentials.
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How To Download Allazosiskevi .Gov Gr Legislative PDF

Legislative framework 1

Άρθρο 15 Εξαίρεση διαδικασιών ανάθεσης δημοσίων συμβάσεων προμηθειών και υπηρεσιών για τις κατηγ.

Legislative framework 2

Ορισμός φορέα πιστοποίησης της αντικατάστασης και απόσυρσης συσκευών και καταβολής της χρηματοδότησης για την……


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Development and operation Ministry of Environment and Energy
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