Ukrainian Man Steals Bitcoins And Donates

A man from Ukraine takes $25,000 worth of bitcoin from a drug market operating on the dark web in Russia and gives it to a charity in Kyiv.

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Ukrainian cyber intelligence expert Alex Holden stole $25,000 USD worth of bitcoin from a Russian black market and donated it to a Kyiv-based charity called Enjoying Life. Throughout the entirety of war-torn Ukraine, the non-profit organisation Enjoying Life has been providing humanitarian help.

After hacking into Solaris, one of Russia’s largest online drug markets, his team at Hold Security diverted cryptocurrency belonging to the site’s owners and drug traffickers to the Enjoying Life website.

If Holden could steal Bitcoins, how did he do it?

He took over a significant piece of the internet infrastructure that ran Solaris, multiple administrator accounts that controlled the illegal marketplace, the website’s source code, a user database, and drop-off sites for drug delivery. His refusal to elaborate was firm. He stated that his group briefly possessed the Bitcoin exchange known as Solaris Wallet.

Due to the high volume of transactions occurring in the wallet, only 1.6 bitcoin were successfully stored. With a value of $25,000 USD. His company, The Hold Security, is also making a donation of $8,000.

The charity’s proprietor has also acknowledged receipt of the Bitcoin payment. Holden also sent Forbes screenshots that, once validated, would substantiate the deal.

Where Holden stands with Ukraine

Holden is a native of Kiev who fled the city in the 1980s after the nuclear tragedy at Chernobyl. Russia invaded Ukraine in February, sparking a full-scale military conflict. Holden’s only motivation is to help the citizens of his war-torn country.

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In an interview with Forbes, Holden made a remark about Russia that was meant as a dig.

Perhaps if Russians were drug-free, they would take a realistic look at their nation and take action. Instead of invading Ukraine, perhaps the Kremlin will stop defending their country’s drug trade and address the underlying drug problems.

To identify any Russian cybercriminals using Solaris as a base of operations, Holden plans to exploit the extensive data he already has on the site’s users and operations. He is still able to command respect in several market niches.

Source: Google Trend

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