6 Best Chrome Extensions for Identifying Fonts in 2022

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Every day, we encounter hundreds of unique fonts when surfing the web. Even we are tempted to steal some of these for our own blog or website. However, we cannot do that unless we determine what fonts it uses. As our eyes aren’t capable of such a task, we require a font identifier. Here we prepare a list of 6 Best Chrome Add-ons for Identifying Fonts in 2022.

The extension system in Google Chrome is its greatest feature. You can put these tools to good use for a wide range of tasks. If you’re a web designer, for instance, the Chrome font identification extension is a lifesaver because it identifies and provides information on the specific fonts used throughout an entire website.

  • WhatFont
  • Font Picker
  • ColorZilla
  • Font Face Ninja
  • Font Finder
  • FontScanner


WhatFont has been downloaded over a million times from the Chrome Web Store, so it’s safe to say that it’s a good choice. The addon successfully identifies fonts, which is its primary function.

Simply highlight a word, click the WhatFont icon, and the font will be displayed. The font’s name will show beneath it instantly. Very quickly, it does the task. A web page’s fonts can be instantly identified by just dragging the pointer around the page.

To learn more about the font, you must click on the individual letter. When you do so, a neat little box will pop up with information on the typeface you’re using, like its family, size, weight, etc. You may learn more about the font’s hue here. More than that, it creates a sample of the typeface in both upper and lower case letters.

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Font Picker

Font Picker With over 30 thousand downloads, Font Picker is another option to choose as a Chrome extension for identifying fonts. The USP of Font Picker is speed and accuracy. You can get the details of the font used on a web page by clicking on a word.

Another feature of Font Picker is a multiple font identifier that lets you identify all the fonts used on a site by dragging your mouse pointer over the page. Identified fonts can be bookmarked or bought from the source given in Font Picker.
Font Picker, which has been downloaded over 30,000 times, is another choice for a Chrome extension to use when trying to determine what type of font you’re dealing with. Its primary selling point is how quickly and precisely Font Picker can make selections. If you click on a word on a website, you can see information on the font used for that word.

Font Picker also has a multiple font identifier that enables you see which fonts are being used on a page simply by dragging the mouse. You can save the fonts you like or purchase them directly from the link provided by Font Picker.


As is to be expected in a field like graphic design, you undoubtedly spend a lot of time adjusting and comparing specific colour values. The ColorZilla Chrome plugin is an excellent tool for locating and identifying colours on the web.

After a quick installation process, you can access ColorZilla directly from the button on your browser’s extension bar. This add-on provides you with a wide range of useful features in one convenient package.

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Font Face Ninja

To quickly and accurately determine a font’s identity, you can install an extension like Fontface Ninja, which is far superior to WhatFont. If you install the Fontface Ninja add-on and then click its icon, the page’s fonts will be listed for you. Very helpful for quickly assessing the situation.

Font Finder

This simple Chrome add-on, Font Finder, makes it easy to identify the typefaces employed by a given website. Font Finder organises search results by font family, weight, and colour so that you can quickly find the right one. To learn more about an add-on, simply right-click on it.

When you select a font in Font Finder, you may view its accompanying CSS code. After learning everything there is to about a font, customers can make purchases from any vendor they like. Simply put, it’s a helpful resource for novice web designers.


FontScanner is a useful tool if you need a simple add-on to identify fonts. This one-of-a-kind add-on can identify the specific typefaces employed by any given website. Additionally, you can gather information about a typeface by copying some text and pasting it into FontScanner.

Right-clicking on text while the extension is active is all it takes to use the Font Scanner, making the process even more straightforward. The font’s specifications will open in a pop-up window. The process is also really quick.

With any luck, the 6 Best Chrome Extensions for Identifying Fonts in 2022 list will make it easier for you to make that all-important font identification for your blog, website, or other creative projects.

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