Covid-19 vaccine

According to various health officials, India has produced approx. 133 million vaccine doses all across the country as of 20 April 2021. After the vaccination of the frontline COVID-19 warriors (medical staff, police, sanitation staff etc.), India launched the massive COVID-19 vaccination process at 10.30 am on January 16 through a video conference at the hands.

Here are some most common five COVID-19 vaccine myths we should never believe.

  1. Myth: I have already had COVID once; why should I be vaccinated now?
    Those who have already had COVID-19 in the past have no means to predict if they’ll be again infected by the COVID-19 virus or not. The antibodies your body developed during the COVID-19 infection are used by your body to help you back off any future infections that can be brought on by the virus.
  2. MYTH: The vaccines have been developed so quickly so they are bound to be unsafe.
  3. MYTH: I will get infected by COVID-19 if I take a vaccine.
  4. Myth: I took the some other Flu-vaccine; that will be enough to prevent COVID-19 which is a similar type of flu.
    We have not experienced a flu season last year due to the interceptive measures taken against Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean either of the vaccine can replaces the other in usage.
  5. MYTH: Once I get vaccinated, I am free to not follow all precautions against COVID-19.
    ​A vaccine cannot possibly give humankind full protection unless it has enveloped every human and any other possible carriers like animals/hosts like it was done in the case of smallpox. As WHO says, no one is safe until everyone is safe. So you will have to follow the vaccine + precautions policy. You must still:
  • Continue to wear good quality masks
  • Wear the masks properly and be sure to cover your nose
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Avoid badly-ventilated, closed places
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Do not touch eyes, mouth or nose with dirty hands
  • Use sanitizer soap and water
  • Follow social distancing

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